The only NFT Collection
that pays you more

This is not magic but a Decentralise software as a service (DSaaS) on Solana. Earn Dividends from our multiple software deliveries through staking.

What's involved

How do I earn passively ?

To start making some passive income with Goblin Raid NFT simply access our Passive pad platform and follow the simple steps below.

Mint / Buy

Collect Goblin Raid NFT by Minting on launch or buy on secondary markets. Make sure you don't list or sell.

Lock & Stake

To start earning some passive income, you have to stake your NFT(s) by locking them in our banking vault.


When staking, your account accrues $SOL & Golden Goblet Token ($GGT). Claim them into your wallet.


The Goblin Raid Collection

Goblin raid is a Collection of 1000 blue-chip NFTs that serve as a membership key in the Goblin raid DAO. Our mission is to generate revenue through Decentralized Application Developments and offering a Decentralised software as a Service to other emerging projects. 30% of fees from all our DAPPs goes to our community treasury and staking pool.

They are different, fast, ruthless and they love money. These different breed of Goblins just went rogue and invaded various reserves and treasures, all unplanned. Wait, did we forget to say how efficient and fruitful they are too. Adopt them and discover how they work tirelessly for you while you sleep.

They come in deferent traits with some rarities. Take pride in adopting them.

below are some few benefits to holders.

  • Access to the Passive Pad System (PASSD)
  • 70% of Royalties to community (70% Staking : 30% Treasury)
  • 50% of Launcpad to Community (80% Staking : 20% Treasury)
  • 30% of DAPP nets to Community (80% Staking : 20% Treasury)
  • NFT airdrops, OG or Whitelist spots from partner projects
  • etc ..

The Passive Pad
System Platform

This is a Graphic User Interface that houses all our NFT utility provisions. Check rates, track your balance, how much have you made this week?, How do you improve your earnings? etc. This platform provides you with the solution with all you need to be profitable with Goblin Raids collections.

Apps accessible on Passive Pad

Our mission is to build Apps that will generate revenue from all fronts on Solana. With some of the amount raised from our GR NFT sales, We intend to heavily invest in DAPPs development so as to increase the revenue generated by offering a Decentralise Software as a Service. (DSaas). Some Apps Available on our roadmap include but not limited to the following below.

Goblin DAO

Our DAO provides our community with the privilege to be the decision makers.

Decentralized Finance

Our DeFi provides our community with the financial tools on Solana.

Project Launchpad

Our DAO, decides which credible projects are listed on our Launchpad.


Lock your NFT, stake and earn some good income while you sleep.

NFT drop Calender

We partner with projects to provide whitelist / airdrops to our community.

Coin flip game

Climb the leaderboard, unlock SOL and GGT, get rich with our Coinflip Game.

Goblin Raid

Earn achievements, unlock new NFTs and GGT in this P2E Tower Defence Game.

Goblin Crash

A rising rocket with no end, cashout by exiting it before it crashes.


To community and Staking

From Royalties


To community and Staking

From All Dapps


NFT Airdrops weekly

From GR & partners

15000 GGT

To Stakers on Passive Pad

From $GGT distribution

Circulating Supply


Total supply





Solana Token

Golden Goblet Token (GGT)

The Golden Goblet token (GGT) is a newly discovered token during our raid on the Solana Blockchain. It's a new currency that we created so we can convert all our raided Solana Reserve. But we plan to make this new currency one of the most valuable on the Solana blockchain.
GGT will be available to minters during the Minting date through an airdrop. The only GGT circulating after will be those from the airdrop until staking starts distributing. If you couldn't mint our NFT, you can buy GGT only on the most popular Solana DEXes like Serium and Radium. We believe in community engagements and other planned activities can really get a lot of adoptions making it one of the most or widely used tokens in blockchain. One of the few ways one can get this token is by holding our NFTs, staking, promoting our products and services etcs.

  • Trade on popular Exchanges and DEXs
  • Spend on our shops and third party stores
  • Send and Receive across the Globe
  • Use for our in app purchases and our Games

A well defined Uses cases

Our $GGT token distribution is a well calculated long term economic goal. Our goal is to create value while we provide an even distribution.

This is why we are going to focus on uses cases to create demand for the token.

  • 29% of supply will be going to our NFT Stakers
  • 15% will be distributed through our play to earn games
  • 1% will be airdropped to our NFT minters


NFT Staking Supply


Launchpad fees payed to Treasury


Weekly staking reward


DeFi Liquidity supply

Our Team

Our initial team is made up of blockchain Developers and enthusiast. After launch we will employ more members to beef up the team.

CEO / Core Dev
Project Manager / Dev
Community Manager / Dev

Our Roadmap

4th Quarter 2021

Discord & Twitter Launch
Bounty Launch on BTT
Finalised Roadmap

1st Quarter 2022

Community building
Main website Live

2nd Quarter 2022

Whitelisting and Minting
$GGT Airdrop to minters
Marketplace Listing
Launchpad Active

2nd Quarter 2022

Setup Goblin DAO
GR NFT Staking
Team Expansion

2nd Quarter 2022

$GGT Airdrop for Minters
Public Airdrop of $GGT
$GGT Staking Pool
Launch of $GGT on DEX

3rd Quarter 2022

Passive Pad System
Access to PASSD Utilities
DAO integration

3rd Quarter 2022

Lottery DApp Coin flip
Lottery DApp Crash
GGT on CMC & Coingecko

3rd Quarter 2022

Breeding of GR NFT
Random $GGT Airdrop
Events & Contest

4th Quarter 2022

Dev of GR P2E Game
Integration Rest API
Official Website

4th Quarter 2022

Demo GR P2E game
Game feature updates
DAO Roadmap for 2023

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any specialized question, you can always reach us via the communication medium below.

  • Get in touch with us on Discord
  • Send us a Direct Meesage on Twitter.

There will be 1000 Goblin Raid NFT Bluechips on the Solana blockchain.

Minting will start on Wednesday 11th May 2022.

Minting price is set at 0.25 SOL.

No. The collection will have no whitelist like everyone is doing. We want as many people to have it as possible.

If you're interested in an NFT that gives you a passive income along with other investment opportunities to fill in your portfolio.